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Terms of Service

1. English sites only. Your site and your banners must be in English. On rare occasions we may allow a non English site, however, this is at our own discretion.

2. No Banner Farms. We will not allow any website without original content to join our network. This is not fair for those hardworking webmasters, who display our banner prominently, or for advertisers.

3. Unsuitable Content. The following types of sites are NOT allowed to participate in 5000Banners.com. Sites containing nudity, pornography, tobacco, drugs or other adult material, sites encouraging illegal activity or racism, sites providing instructions or discussions about performing illegal activities, sites that promote or utilize software or services designed to deliver unsolicited email, or any other sites 5000Banners.com deems to be inappropriate.

4. Disfunctional Banner. We will be automatically rejecting any website which either doesn't have a working banner, or which contains a banner of such a poor quality that it would present 5000Banners.com or its members with a bad image. We were too lax allowing some really poor quality banners before so please design it with care or get someone who can do it well to put it together for you.

5. Banner Location. The 5000Banners.com banner must be located in a prominent location and not conflict with a banner of an opposing banner exchange. The banner code should be located on the top half of the main page, accessible to the viewer without the need to scroll down. This restriction improves the overall quality of the 5000Banners.com - Free Banner Exchange member sites, and certifies that every ones banner is located and displayed in an attractive and prominent location.

6. Modification of our Banner Code. Anyone who modifies our special banner code will lose their account along with any credits earned. Our code must be placed on the site you are promoting. If we find that our code is improperly placed or not placed at all on your site we will terminate your account.

7. Cancellations. You may cancel your account at any time. We also reserve the right to terminate your account at any time, without notice if we deem it appropriate.

8. Your Privacy. 5000Banners.com respects your privacy. 5000Banners.com does not sell, rent or give any identifiable personal information regarding its subscribers to any third party. Any information that you give to us is held with the utmost care and security.

9. Please have fun! We will do our best to keep a high quality exchange going for you.

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